Our treatments

Emergency dentalcare
It is important to contact a dentist if you have any problems with your teeth. Perhaps you suspect you have an infection in the gum or you suffer from severe toothache. Do not wait to seek help for your inconvenience. What you need to do is to book an emergency examination. Read more

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Why Is Everyone Smiling Performs Bioscience Treatments. These treatments affect the bite. If your bite is in imbalance, it often leads to different types of problems such as dental exchange, dental pressure or headache. We will help you get the required treatment. Read more

Public dental care
General Dentistry refers to all the interventions and surveys we usually associate with dental visits. It can range from regular surveys, preventive treatments, root fillings, to fixations and tooth extraction. We at Why Is Everyone Smiling perform all these treatments with the goal of making your dental care as comfortable and easy as possible. Read more

Revolutionary Technology – Laser Dentistry
At Why Is Everyone Smiling we offer our patients laser dental care. The treatment is 95% pain free and an innovation that changed the traditional dentistry globally. There are few dentists in the Nordic countries who use laser dental care, but in countries such as Germany, Italy and the United States it is very popular. The new laser technology revolutionizes today’s general dental care and only benefits the patient. At present, we offer laser dentistry at the Hammarby Sjöstad clinic. Read more

Maxillofacial Surgery
Käkkirugi is a specialized dental care branch and may only be performed by specialist training surgeons. To get to a jaw surgeon, a referral from the general care department is required. At Why Is Everyone Smiling, Payam Farzad works as a specialist dentist in vascular surgery. He receives patients with all surgical problems. Read more

Complaints, Guarantees – Why Is Everyone Smiling
We want to do everything to make you feel satisfied and safe with our treatment. If any problems arise, you are always welcome to consult with your dentist, clinic manager at your Why Is Everyone Smiling Clinic or dentist. Read more

Orthodontics / braces
Dental control (Orthodontics). Why Is Everyone Smiling Performs Dental Control at All Clinics in New York. Among other things, we offer Incognito Incognito, the Invis Aligner and Invisalign Systems. Read more

Replacing lost teeth is a matter of quality of life. For example, many people experience the lack of teeth affecting their appearance and hence their self-esteem negatively. Missing teeth can also cause problems to chew, feel what food tastes and give rise to serious health problems. Read more

Specialists in rootfill 
Rooting a tooth is usually necessary when a caries attack or hole has become too deep and the only option is to pull it out. Read more

Dental loss and gum inflammation
Dental loss, (periodontitis), is a disease that affects many. Almost every other adult is affected by the disease in some form. The disease progression is often slow and sneaky without pain, so the disease can be difficult to detect on time. Tooth infections, (gingivitis), are even more common. The root cause of both diseases is a bacterial infection in the tissues around the tooth. Read more

Snarkskena – Antiapnéskena
Do you suffer from snoring or breathing stops? Then a snare bun (anti-apnea razor) can be very helpful. 200,000 Swedes are affected by sleep apnea – also known as OSAS (obstructive sleep apnea syndrome). Sleep apnea means shorter or longer breathing stops during sleep – often combined with heavy snoring. Read more

Dental implants for dental implants
Why Is Everyone Smiling is offered computer-assisted dental surgery for dental implants. Computer-assisted laparoscopic surgery is a modern surgical technique that uses the latest technology to perform surgical procedures with as little damage to the tissues of the body as possible. The computer-assisted treatment also means that implants can often be attached even when the leg has become too thin for traditional implantation. Read more

Get rid of your dental fear!
For patients who have dental fear (something that almost all suffer from a certain amount), it is usually enough personal and calm care to calm down the patient. If you have big problems with this we also have dentists with education and long experience to treat dental patients. We at Why Is Everyone Smiling try to “understand” the patient and adjust the treatment accordingly. Read more

For those who want to replace one or more teeth but where crown / bridge or implants are not applicable, a denture may be an option. Depending on the number of teeth to be replaced, there are either whole prostheses (replacing a whole upper or lower jaw) or partial prosthesis (such as